Stone Coat Top Coat - Natural Food Safe (Satin Finish)

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Compatible with all our epoxy, renew your older epoxy countertops to look like the day you poured! Lighty sand your epoxy countertop with 240 sand paper, wipe the dust and you're ready for the Ultimate Top Coat

The Ultimate Top Coat is an optional step to our epoxy countertop system. Our Top Coat has a natural look and feel leaving you with a very scratch resistant countertop ready for years of use. We reccomend using the Ultimate Top Coat on all professional and DIY countertop jobs.

Natural Finish:

You have discovered the ultimate roll-on coating to finish off your epic epoxy projects! This top coat provides a natural finish that resembles natural stone, it is quickly and easily applied and offers unparalleled scratch resistance! We love it!

Ultimate Top Coat - Hybrid Coating Technology is a 2:1 ratio by volume and add water to thin as desired, do not exceed 1/2 ounce of water per kit. Mix thoroughly with a mixing stick for 2-3 minutes. Pour mixed Ultimate Top Coat in a paint tray. Only mix enough top coat that can be applied in 15 minutes. De-shed two paint rollers. One will be used to apply the top coat wet, and the second will be used to dry roll the top coat. Saturate a paint roller with top coat and back roll excess off in paint tray. Apply to the center of the countertop and roll top coat thin and even. Don't forget the edges. Dry roll the top coat to remove lap lines from roller. Only a thin coat is necessary. Apply and dry roll the top coat in 8 foot sections at a time. Avoid over rolling to keep excess bubbles Stone Coat Countertops Ultimate Top Coat will be dry to the touch in 8 hours and ready for countertop use in 24 hours! This top coat will keep your project looking natural and is extremely scratch resistant leaving your project looking like the day you poured for many years to come! Clean with any non abrasive cleaners designed for countertops. The Ultimate Top Coat is a very sublte textured matte finish to ensure the heaviest kitchen appliances will not damage and harm your new countertops

In the video linked below we show how our Stone Coat Platinum and Ultimate Top Coat products can applied to the same project and together create a rock solid, UV immune countertop especially for commercial environments.


Coverage: 4.6m²

Dry Time: 8-9 hours

Ready For Use: 24 hours



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