ResCAST - epoxy casting resin 1.5 Litres

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ResCAST epoxy casting resin
The ResCAST epoxy casting system is mixed at a ratio of 2:1 by volume and can be tinted with large range of colours including the LBB Mica and Pigment paste range  

ResCAST can be used for small to medium casting and coating art work and has anti yellowing additives added,

ResCAST has no VOC, low odour and sets crystal clear.

Suitable for;

Resin river tables 
Casting resin jewellery,
Casting and wood /resin art,
Small to medium homeware casting.
Keychains & moulds 

Suitable for pouring to a depth of 20 - 30mm 
Shore strength is 80-82D 
No VOC, 
Low exotherm & low shrinkage 
Contains UV inhibitors
Fantastic Air/ bubble release
Working Time 45 minutes
Demould in 12-24 hours 
Full Cure 24 - 48 hrs
measure by volume 

Available sizes
• 300Ml
• 750ml
• 1.5 litres
• 3 Litres
• 7.5 litres

Sold as Part A & Part B (Includes the resin & hardener).


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