Resin reusable Stir Stick Packs

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LBB Resin Stir Sticks Packs

Size: Each stir stick is 128mm in length x 16mm wide x 2mm thick.

Easy to clean and can be wiped down immediately after use or wait until the resin has set and bend the flexible stir stick and resin will peel off easily.

Stop constantly buying wooden stir sticks, use the LBB REUSABLE RESIN STIR STICKS then wipe them and reuse again and again.

The smooth finish with round ends of the reusable stir sticks make mixing resin much easier and creates less bubbles and mess!

LBB Resin Stir Sticks are perfect for Mixing Resin, Epoxy, Liquid, Paint, Glue, and for spreading, scraping and applying to many surfaces.

Flexible, durable, reusable and affordable!

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