How to Mix Epoxy Resin Like a Pro

How to Mix Epoxy Resin Like a Pro

Mixing epoxy resin is one of the most important steps in resin crafting. It’s essential to do it properly and with quality supplies. Thankfully, we have LBB Resin here to help! We’re breaking down the ins and outs of mixing epoxy resin so you can become a pro in no time. Let's get started!

What You'll Need for Properly Mixed Epoxy Resin

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand. This includes a digital scale or measuring cups (this will depend on whether your resin is measured by weight or by volume), gloves, an accurate timer (or stopwatch),silicone stir sticks and reusable stir sticks, respirator mask and your resin and hardener. Make sure that your work area is well-ventilated and protected from dust or dirt. Also keep in mind that epoxy resin should not be exposed to extreme temperatures—it should be mixed at room temperature (ideally between 18-22 degrees Celsius).

Mixing Your Epoxy Resin

Once all your supplies are ready and your work area is prepared, it’s time to mix your epoxy resin! Start by measuring out the resin, this is determined by the ratio that is shown on your resin. Common ratios are either 1:1 or 2:1

For our example we will discuss 1:1 ratio resin

For 1:1 ratios measure out equal parts of both the resin and hardener using either a digital scale or measuring spoons/cups depending on your resin. Accurate measurements are key—you want both parts to be exactly the same size! Then pour both parts into a single container. we use silicone mixing cups and begin stirring slowly with either the large silicone stir stick or smaller reusable polypropylene stir sticks for smaller batches

Mix for a minimum of 3 minutes. Make sure to scrape the sides of the container as you stir to ensure everything is mixed properly. Once finished stirring, use a clean stick to scrape any residue off the sides of the container and checking that the resin has thoroughly mixed - it doesn't hurt to mix for a minute or two longer of you are unsure, before pouring out onto your surface (e.g., cheeseboard or silicone mould).

It’s important that you don’t wait too long after mixing before pouring out onto your surface; if left too long, air bubbles will form in the mixture which can lead to imperfections in your finished product. Once poured onto your surface, use a torch or heat gun to remove any air bubbles that may have formed during stirring (if there are still any present). Now you're done with mixing! Time for curing…

Mixing epoxy resin may seem intimidating at first but once you get familiar with it it's really quite straightforward.

Just remember these three simple steps:

1) Gather all necessary supplies;

Silicone Mixing Cups

Reusable Stir Sticks

Large Silicone Stir Sticks

Respirator Mask

Nitrile Gloves

2) Measure accurately confirming the ratio of your resin and the method used to measure your resin i.e. by weight or volume each part of the resin & hardener;

3) Stir for 3 minutes before pouring out onto surface. With these tips in mind plus quality supplies from LBB Resin, anyone can mix epoxy resin like a pro! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Happy Resin-ing !
Jo Ford
Artist & Creator  

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