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Compatible with all our epoxy, renew your older epoxy countertops to look like the day you poured! Lighty sand your epoxy countertop with 240 sand paper, wipe the dust and you're ready for the Ultimate Top Coat


The Ultimate Top Coat is an optional step to our epoxy countertop system. Our Top Coat has a natural look and feel leaving you with a very scratch resistant countertop ready for years of use. We reccomend using the Ultimate Top Coat on all professional and DIY countertop jobs.

Stone Coat Countertops Super Glossy Pour-On Finish Top Coat is a epoxy enhancer that is high gloss, crystal clear epoxy that provides maximum durability. It is ideal as a water proof finish for table and bar tops, crafts and refinishing furniture. It can finish bar tops, table tops, game boards, clocks, plaques, and ceramics. It's super simple for the DIY'er or contractor to apply for enhanced heat and scratch resistance while keeping that beautiful stone, wood or any kind of look. Keep your picture perfect project shimmering that much longer with Ultimate Top Coat Gloss.


Coverage: 4.6m²

Dry Time: 8-9 hours

Ready For Use: 24 hours




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