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Colors Mica Powder Epoxy Resin Dye - Pearl Pigment Natural Mica Mineral Powder 10 gram.

MICA POWDER 32 COLOUR PACK RRP $256.00 (Save $56.00)


* Lemon Yellow
* Dark Yellow
* Sunset Gold
* Aztec Gold
* True Red 
* Saffron
* Magic Orange
* Copper
* Peacock Green
* Ocean Blue
* Sky Blue
* Cobolt Blue
* Bronze
* Red Pearl
* Rose Pink
* Pink
* Apple Green
* Seafoam Green
* Violet
* Luster Violet
* Sparkle Pearl
* Flash Silver
* White Satin
Plus new 9 new colours 
* Wild watermelon 
* Black pearl
*Grey Luster
* Sunset Orange
* Blue lagoon
* Midnight Green
* Voodoo Violet 
* Hot pink 
* Marine Blue
Optional colour pack - 8 x Fluoro colours 
Fluoro Green
Fluoro Pink
Fluoro magenta 
Fluoro orange/yellow 
Fluoro Red
Fluoro Blue
Fluoro green/yellow
Fluoro Purple

Our Natural mica powder is an organic and finely grinded stone from the mineral mica. Mica's are non-toxic and naturally occur from the minerals muscovite and silicate. Mica if smaller than 20 microns, gives a satiny appearance while large micas provide a sparkly effect. Mica's are then coated with various oxides, carmine and titanium dioxide to give a full range of colours.

Ingredients: Mica

Condition: Brand New & High Quality

Type: Powder

Colour: 32 Colours are included 

Weight: 10g each jar x 32, total 320 grams

Package includes: 32 clear jars of 10g Mica Pigment

Note: Material for resin DIY, high quality and easy to use.

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