Half face Reusable Respirator (One Size)

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Half Face Respirator Spraying Mask

The respirator gives you convenient A1P2 protection when handling chemicals and spraying paints.

  • The Half face mask is lightweight and low-profile
  • Dual filters enhance breathability and minimise exhalation resistance
  • Comfortable face piece for prolonged use
  • Combination of organic gases filters and cartridges give you A1P2 protection
  • For uses including spraying, degreasing, fibreglassing, chemical handling and printing
  • Remember to store the respirator in the handy container to avoid moisture and contaminant exposure when not in use
  • Note: Not to be used when spraying isocyanate based paints 

The full face respirator is ideal for spraying paints and pesticides, handling chemicals, fibreglassing or degreasing. The kit features the durable half face respirator which is lightweight and has a slim profile.

This respirator spraying kit comes standard with Particulate filters and Organic Vapour cartridges, however other filters can be purchased separately for alternate applications. The half face mask has a dual filter system, which helps to minimise breathing resistance. The filters simply lock into place by hand, ensuring a secure fit.

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