Beginner Resin Kit - Limited Food Safe 473ml (Great for tumblers & Cheeseboards)

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Beginner Resin Kit - Limited Food Safe (473ml) Great for tumblers & Cheeseboards

This kit includes:

1 x 473ml Amazing clear cast Food Safe clear resin (1:1 Ratio includes Part A+B) or 473ml envirotex Lite pour on (1:1 Ratio includes Part A+B

2 x LBB Resin Alcohol Ink (Colour chosen at random)

3 x 10 gm mica powder pearlescent in matching colour (Colour chosen at random)

1 x Resin Accessories pack including a reusable stir stick, mixing cups and nitrile gloves

1 x detailed resin mixing instruction sheet

* Please note: Whilst resin is safe once cured, whilst mixing and pouring it causes a chemical reaction which may release toxins in the air and can be absorbed through skin contact, it is recommended that an adult is mixing the resin with an organic vapour respirator and nitrile gloves.

Resin is toxic and is only suitable for ages 14 and older. NOT suitable for young children and during pregnancy due to the toxic nature of resin. Parental Supervision is recommended to ensure all safety measures are followed. Proper P.P.E including organic vapour respirator and nitrile gloves are recommended.

** Please note depending on stock availability your kit may vary slightly from the images shown.

*** LBB Resin R.R.P is $70.00 05/23

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