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Megapour Epoxy Resin Deep Casting System is an epoxy resin system specifically designed for deep pouring and large castings. It allows for large pours with low exotherm (heat generation) and can be poured in thickness of 50mm-100mm per pour, allowing you to experience resin in a whole new way. Subsequent layers can be poured with excellent cohesion.

2:1 ratio

2 hours + working time 

24 hours + dry time 

Megapour Epoxy Deep Casting System contains anti-yellowing additives, displays excellent adhesion to other substrates and cohesion on multiple layers, good fluidity and de-airing properties, is FDA Approved, non-Dangerous Goods for transport, easily tinted with a vast range of compatible colourants.

Megapour Epoxy Deep Casting System is perfect for the casting of resin river tables, wood/resin art for decorative ware, electrical assembly potting and larger clear castings

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