Resin tumbler kit

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A 200ml kit food safe Resin Kit

1 x 600 ml stainless steel double wall tumbler (or variant depending on stock availability)

2 x 10 gm LBB RESIN mica powder pearlescent (Random colour)

1 x alcohol ink (chosen at random)

1 x set of six reusable silicone brushes 

1 x 100ml reusable silicone cup

1 x Accessories pack (Gloves, Cups, Stir Stick)

1 x detailed mixing instruction sheet

Tumbler kit with turner comes with the above and 

1 x LBB Resin tumbler turner 

2 x foam attachments in 2 sizes to suit standard tumbler and skinny 

Please note depending on option choosen your kit may vary slightly from the images shown. The Option Tumbler kit without turner will not include the turner and the option Turner Only will include just the turner and not the kit.


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