Pop Out Reusable Resin River Mould Bundles

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Bundles are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium 450mm x 250mm x 80mm + 1.5L ResCAST 
  • Large 600mm x 300mm x 80mm + 3L ResCAST
  • Mega 600mm x 300mm x 80mm + 3.75kg Megapour.

Reusable high quality hdpe mould

3.75kg mega pour resin - can be poured to a depth of 100mm

1.5L and 3L ResCAST - can be poured to a depth 30mm

1 x 10g Mica powder (cobalt blue)

1 x reusable silicone stir stick

Just place timber in the mould, clamp down, mix and pour your resin!

When your resin has set simply flip it over and tap gently with a rubber mallet until your resin board pops out.

No need to seal, and a larger size makes river boards mess free!



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