LBB Resin Creative Kids Voucher Kit - Notebook

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LBB Resin Creative Kids Voucher Kit - Notebook Kit 


**ETA: 3-4 Week's From Time of Order**


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A 300gm crystal Cast Resin Kit clear coating and casting resin

1 x Reusable Silicone Notebook Mould

1 x lined notebook paper insert 

1 x plain notebook paper insert

2 x notebook ring hardware sets 

1 x 10 gm LBB RESIN mica powder pearlescent (Random colour)

1 x fine glitter jar (chosen at random)


1 x Accessories pack (Gloves, Cups, Stir Sticks & Drop Sheet)

1 x detailed mixing instruction sheet

When checking out please only order one Creative Kids Kit, they can not be combined with other products or kits due to the lead times and freight charges;

To process your order you will need to follow the following steps 

Delivery time frames

Due to high demand for our LBB Creative Packs, the estimated time between the placement of an order and dispatch form our warehouse is 4 weeks. (This includes the 10-14 days for the processing and payment of your Creative Kids Voucher) 

Please note: Whilst resin is safe once cured whilst mixing and pouring it causes a chemical reaction which releases toxins in the air and can be absorbed through skin contact it is highly recommended that an adult is mixing the resin with an organic vapour respirator and nitrile gloves (which are included in the kit).

Not suitable for young children (Parental Supervision required to ensure safety measures are followed)
Proper Ppe (including organic vapour respirator is advised)
Use of nitrile gloves is advised