April's Mystery Box Project

Alcohol Ink Tiles

Creating Alcohol Ink tile coasters is a great introduction into the world of Alcohol Ink Art - The ceramic tiles are affordable and if it doesn’t turn out like you’d like it to you can always wipe the tile clean with the alcohol and start again! Alcohol inks are toxic, and they stain everything.  Make sure you wear gloves. This craft is not recommended for young children.

A common way to use these tiles when they are complete is to turn them into coasters. You can add a square of black felt or thin cork sheeting to the back of each tile so it will not scratch your furniture. You could also make miniature works of art and gift them - they make great teacher gifts.

 Alcohol Ink Tile 1Alcohol Ink Tile 2Alcohol Ink Tile 3


Ceramic tiles

Alcohol inks in at least two colours

Isopropyl alcohol & Spray Bottle

Heat Gun


Nitrile Gloves

Stir Sticks & Plastic cup for mixing resin

Cork Backing to cover the back of the tile and protect surfaces


Clear acrylic spray for sealing your art when you are done

Newspapers to cover your work area


  1. Cover your work area with a plastic drop cloth, paper towels or newspaper, and put on old clothes. These alcohol inks WILL stain your hands and clothes. They are also toxic.  Wear disposable gloves to protect your hands
    2. Pour some alcohol into the small spray bottle and spray the alcohol all over the shiny surface of the ceramic tile. You want a nice, thick layer of alcohol on the surface of the tile.
  2. Next, drop some alcohol inks right on to the alcohol-soaked tile... anywhere you want. Use multiple colours.
  3. The inks will begin to blend, or you can use the heat gun to gently blow the ink around, you’ll notice the ink will start to dry and if you want to dilute the colour use a little extra alcohol to start the ink moving again.
  4. You should now have a nice, blended background that is almost dry.

* When the inks are almost dry but not completely, you can try etching on curvy lines or designs using the back of your paint brush.

* After the piece is completely dry, you can also use a black Sharpie marker to add in extra designs.

  1. Once your tiles are dry, you can protect them by giving them several light coats of clear acrylic spray. Be careful! Spray from 12 inches away and aim for several light coats. If you apply it too close and heavy it can smear or distort your art.
    7. To finish off the edges of the alcohol ink tiles, paint the edges with black paint or gold paint and allow to dry.
  2. To take this project a step further once the alcohol and acrylic clear spray has completely cured (min. 3-5 days dry time) mix the crystal cast resin 2:1. You will need approx. 40-50ml total to cover the two coasters
  3. Pour the resin on the tile and gently move it to the edge of the tile creating a domed finish. Allow to cure for 7 days
  4. You can turn these into coasters by adding a square of cork sheeting to the back. Or display your alcohol ink tiles on a mini easel or glue into a wooden frame

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